Department of School Education & Literacy, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India  
School Code : 6147                            CBSE Affiliation Number : 140008





There are separate Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry & Biology with adequate number of Apparatus, sufficient Chemical, Slides, Microscope, OHP, LCD Projector, Herbarium and Specimen for study. A Maths Lab, Language Lab and Junior Science Lab are also set up. For the safety of the students, during practical aprons and fire extinguisher are provided and maintained well.   

1.   Physics Lab

2.   Chemistry

3.   Biology

4.   Jr. Science Lab

5.   Maths Lab


Mathematics, according to national education policy 1986, should be visualized to train a child to think, reason, analyze and articulate logically. The teaching of mathematics will be more effective when the student learn concept by doing himself. there is a famous Chinese proverb :

 I hear I forget 

I see – I remember and

I do- I understand 

further I practice – I excel. Which is undoubtedly true in all branches of learning. Through the models charts thermocol models flexes efforts have been made for the close association of mathematical concepts with activities from the children own environment and involve daily life situations. The activities conducted in the maths lab are mainly in the form of experiments from which children can make discoveries to increase their understanding of various concepts of the subject. The benefits of using these models are more beneficial and immeasurable. The students not only do they come to enjoy the subject also to respect it with great interest.

Using this maths lab equipment students and teachers as well in making mathematics- a reasonable, helpful and live subject.

In our maths lab we have 84 mathematical models covers all corners of maths concepts from kits and concept Chennai. Also 129 maths equipments from quality industrial ambala cantt. We are using the 21nrunning models from N.C.Kansil and sons Newdelhi. we have 20 great mathematical equipments from Osaw industrial product Ambala cantt. Also we are using so many static models from Ramanujan institute of mathematics Chennai. A total of 200 mathematical models are using for the benefit of the child. The students are enjoying in using of those models and making clear of the abstract subject like mathematics.